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New Single
"Modern Day holy war" Out Now

After an 11 year hiatus from the music world, Nicole "Lady" Nogrady is back with her single "Modern Day Holy War" which showcases the reality of the current battle between good & evil in today's world.

"This is a powerful song with a clear message that resonates with the current world issues."

- Sound & Soul Magazine

Click to listen to the single, and join the fight!

music video

Nicole "Lady" Nogrady is a passionate and talented musician who has returned to the music scene after an 11 year hiatus. Her music is a fusion of different genres that creates a unique and captivating sound. 

Lady Nogrady's music is a reflection of her life experiences and her desire to inspire positive change in the world. Her music is a blend of soul, rock, and pop, and her lyrics are thought-provoking and meaningful. Through her music, Lady Nogrady aims to bring people together and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.

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